30th Anniversary

Back in 1987, the sudden huge stock market falls felt like the end of the world for those owning shares and those like us who were working with investment clients. With the benefit of hindsight we can see that it was just a big blip and stock markets rebounded throughout the 1990s. We still really don’t know what caused it and people naturally worry that it might happen again. However, procedures are now in place to prevent stock markets falling as quickly and severely.

We know that there will always be peaks and troughs in the markets and that we must expect a roller coaster ride but nothing changes our view that over the long term, holding a diversified portfolio of shares, with other asset classes held in there to tailor the risk, is the way to preserve the real value of your money.

Moneyfacts Awards

We are delighted and proud to have been shortlisted in the prestigious “Moneyfacts” Awards 2017 in the “Investment Adviser of the Year” category. We are in good company, with big national companies as well as regional firms listed. Gemma will represent us at the award dinner in London on September 21st.

Paraplanning Team of the Year Awards

Our paraplanning team here are delighted to be one of only 3 teams in the UK to be shortlisted for the inaugural ‘Paraplanning Team of the Year’ Award 2017 from Professional Paraplanner.

We have a strong culture of development and progression here at Eldon, with the team working together to grow their knowledge and skills. Our friendly, open-plan office environment lends itself well to this atmosphere and we know from our younger members of the team that they value this training. There’s always something new to learn and we work hard to keep ahead of the curve!

Eldon expands!

We are pleased to report that we have added James Hunt to the team. James has a degree in International Finance and Banking. He joins our Paraplanners, providing technical support to the Financial Planners. James has already started down the road of professional qualification and he is working towards Chartered status, which is our benchmark of expertise.

Mr & Mrs Conner

Tony and Joss married on Friday 7th April at Headlam Hall near Darlington. A lovely day was had by us all.

Our own Rising Star!

We are delighted to see ‘our Gemma’ in the Rising Stars of 2016 list!

The list, compiled by the New Model Adviser publication, showcases the Top 35 Young Advisers of 2016 and analyses a variety of aspects including qualifications, abilities, responsibilities and influence within the business. By ‘young’ they mean age 35 or under.

Gemma has been ‘at the top’ throughout her time here at Eldon; being one of the youngest in the country to achieve the highest level of qualification, going beyond this to become a Fellow of both our professional bodies, receiving national accolades from both of our professional bodies as well as local recognition for her contribution to the profession.

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Maddocks Prize

We are very proud to have ‘our Neale’ win the Chartered Insurance Institute of Newcastle’s Maddocks Prize for completing his Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning in a very short timescale.

When he told us this was his ambition we wondered if he was putting a little too much pressure on but he was adamant that was what he wanted. He flew through the degree-equivalent qualifications across three exam sittings in just 12 months whilst working full-time!

Neale was presented with the Award and at the Annual Dinner this evening.

Walking back to Happiness

On Saturday 24th September 8 members of the Eldon team plus Gemma’s husband Jamie set out at dawn to walk a marathon distance, 26.2 miles, along the Northumberland coastal path. None of the walkers had ever completed anything near to that distance but a cracking pace was set and after 8 hours walking with just 1 hour of stops, we made it! Tony and Jan provided superb support, meeting us at various points along the way with hot drinks and food, and friends Nic and Neville Tynemouth surprised us at one point with a very welcome supply of jelly babies. This was our annual fundraising event and we will be able to hand over around £3,000 to the Alzheimer’s Society. here is the very relieved and somewhat euphoric, team.20160924_173626

Eldon’s Marathon Walk

Eldon Alzheimer Society team pic 1

This year we are fundraising for The Alzheimer’s Society and 8 of us will attempt to walk 26.2 miles down the Northumbrian coast on 24th September. The other 2 will form the ‘support team’.

We would appreciate an incentive of funds pledged to keep us going, so if you feel able to help, please go to www.justgiving.com/eldonwalk or click on our link shown below.

Thank you!

Joss, Tony, Gemma, Jon, Kevin, Neale, Jan, Donna, Adam, Tonyo

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Small Change for Savers

Small change for savers – but better jingling in your pocket than the taxman’s!

We have all become familiar with cash ISAs and the tax free interest that they bring. At current low interest rates the tax benefit is unexciting, but it is there, well established and ISAs are a useful tax planning tool in particular for higher rate taxpayers .

From this April, all but the highest earners (over £150,000pa) are being offered a further boost, with a new allowance of £1,000pa of interest before tax is due for basic rate taxpayers and £500 for higher rate taxpayers. For example, £100,000 at 1%pa outside cash ISAs will ‘save’ £200, which is a nice day out on HMRC. To make it easier for us, interest will be paid without the deduction of tax, like cash ISAs do at the moment.

For a lot of people, ISAs will lose their appeal over and above any other account, and the best interest rates will be the main account search criteria.
There’s always a downside , and on this occasion it’s that those who receive over the new amount of £1,000/£500 will actively have pay tax on the excess. This means that some people, including those who are retired and haven’t had contact with HMRC for years, will suddenly be thrust back into the arena of changing tax codes, varying income, more frequent correspondence and for many, an increase in confusion and anxiety.

We will make sure that all our clients have their accounts set up in the most advantageous way to maximise returns and minimise tax, but if you have a query yourself, do get in touch.