Lifetime Financial Planning

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Lifetime Financial Planning – what does it mean?

Here’s what we think.

For us, our ongoing working relationship with our clients is at the core of our service. Lifetime financial planning means having an understanding of all aspects of your current situation and projecting your financial position into the future. We use sophisticated cashflow modelling tools to achieve this.

Our review and forward planning meetings, regular updates and investment and financial planning reports are all part of the strategy we use to help you to meet your own objectives in life.

We look after all the detail, taking away as much of the administrative burden as we can. We constantly monitor the financial world to keep up to date so that we can pass on information and suggest changes as appropriate to keep us all on track. We believe that we provide good value for money, with charges and fees clearly stated up front.

Our service is person to person, tailored to the individual and delivered by those at the top of the profession in terms of qualification, expertise and experience.

Our job is to guide, inform and advise to ensure that you make the best use of your resources in line with your own short, medium and longer term plans.

We are committed to just ‘being there’ for you whenever you contact us, responding quickly to provide reassurance and support. We cultivate confidence and trust in our longstanding relationships.

Looking after our clients is what we do best at Eldon.

Lifetime Financial Planning

If life is a journey we can show you what your destination might look like

We use a powerful tool to take all that we know about you today and roll it forward to project your financial position at different points in the future – typically university funding, a house move, and of course, retirement.

Once we have established your ‘Base Plan’ we can make changes within our software system to amend the look of your landscape. We can also consider the financial impact of life’s ‘what ifs’ and quantify the amount you need to save to meet or even bring forward some of your goals.

We will obtain a clear picture of the action that you need to take to focus on your objectives, and regular forward planning meetings will keep us up to date and on track.