Chartered Financial Planners


As well as having five Chartered individuals, Eldon as a firm has been awarded the prestigious title “Chartered Financial Planners” by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). This status, granted by the Privy Council is the profession’s “gold” standard and is currently met by fewer than 700 firms across the country.

This title is only awarded to firms committed to developing and maintaining the knowledge and capability of their people so they can deliver the highest quality advisory service.

Chartered firms must also follow a demanding code of ethical practice. This means they must work in a principled manner that places clients’ interests at the heart of the advice that they give.

Why you should use a firm of Chartered Financial Planners:-

Chartered status brings with it serious obligations. We are required to ensure the advice, service and ongoing support we provide to you is:

  • Of the highest quality
  • Based solely on your researched needs
  • Provided by someone operating within their level of competency

We meet our obligations in a number of ways…

  • A commitment to the technical and professional development of staff, such as the gaining of professional qualifications
  • All staff members who deal with clients belong to the professional body the Personal Finance Society (PFS), the dedicated financial planning arm of the CII, and adhere to its Code Of Ethics which is enforced through disciplinary sanctions
  • We adhere to the PFS’s continuing professional development requirements, ensuring our staff keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

A Chartered title is a commitment to an overall standard of client excellence and professionalism.