About Us

We are an independent* Chartered Financial Planning firm set up in 2002 by three like minded Directors, Owen Temple, Tony Conner & Joss Harwood aspiring to become the North East’s premier personal Financial Planning practice. We were unusual back then because we charged fees; we didn’t take commission. All firms now have to work on a fee basis. We focused, as we still do, on making people’s futures financially secure over time, with all the jigsaw pieces fitting neatly together, rather than selling financial products.

We were in the first wave of individually Chartered Financial Planners and our firm is multi award winning. Highlights include being UK “Chartered Financial Planners of the Year” in 2011, and a year later Gemma holding two national titles simultaneously for technical planning. We are proud to have been listed on the Citywire’s “Top 100” firms every year since inception in 2012. Only a handful of firms have achieved this. Owen retired in 2010 and Joss in 2016. Tony, Kevin and Gemma are now leading the firm into the future, assisted by a highly qualified young team.

We have steadily grown our business over the years by personal recommendation and professional referral. However we remain small enough to provide a highly personalised and individually tailored service.

We have developed high levels of expertise and are registered “pensions experts”. We work well with those who have sophisticated or complex situations.

We are very pleased to be at the forefront of our fledgling profession, helping to shape the future of financial planning by putting our clients at the heart of all we do. We deliver a service that is of constantly high quality, and we know from regular feedback that our clients, some of whom go back as far as 27 years, highly value what we do for them.

At Eldon we pride ourselves on the close working relationships that we build with our clients. When you are going to share information about your life and your relationships over a number of years, trusting the people you work with is very important.

    • Our clients are our number one priority and we are committed to providing a first class service from highly qualified individuals.
    • We have invested in technology and have robust systems so that we can deliver an efficient, highly personalised service from a dedicated team who work well together.
    • We work on an ‘up to date’ basis so that we can respond quickly to client queries and requests, usually on the same day.
    • We are always open and honest and we know from surveys that our clients value our integrity and feel that they can trust us. Our latest client survey was overwhelmingly positive.

You can read some of our clients’ thoughts about us here.

* We provide independent advice on packaged retail investment and insurance products (these include but are not limited to pensions, ISAs, investments bonds, units, annuities, and savings plans), securities and structured investment products.