About Us

We are an independent Chartered Financial Planning firm on a mission to empower people to understand their finances and make their futures financially secure.

We believe that financial planning is about arranging your finances efficiently, with all the jigsaw pieces fitting neatly together, to help you get what you want from life. A good investment strategy and quality financial products can help you to achieve this, but we always start from the foundation of understanding the purpose of your money.

We are an employee-owned company with a small but highly accredited, highly qualified, and dedicated team with a clear focus on doing the right thing for our clients and helping them achieve their goals. You can read more about our team on our Meet the Team page.

Our Values

People Matter

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do, and we take the time to fully understand their ambitions and aspirations. When you are going to share information about your life and your relationships over a number of years, trusting the people you work with and connecting on a human level is very important.

We build strong relationships and connect uniquely with every individual, from our clients to our team, and local the community.

We create long-term relationships, built on mutual trust and honesty. By using our knowledge and expertise, we deliver real value to helping our clients achieve their hopes and dreams.


We are consistent in our ethics, principles and values, and always strive to do what’s right. We are transparent. Through our actions, we demonstrate high levels of competence and professionalism.

We can evidence that our clients value our integrity and feel that they can trust us.

Continued Development

We embrace learning and development and strive to continue improving what we do. We are committed to the highest levels of technical knowledge and expertise to make financial planning simple and straightforward. We especially work well with those who have sophisticated or complex situations.

Setting the bar high provides a foundation for continued innovation and exceeding the expectations of our clients.


We are committed to building relationships with our clients for the long term, ensuring that we add value to our clients’ lives over time. We are keen to deliver a service that is constantly of high quality and we know from regular feedback from our clients, some of them go back over 30 years, that they highly value what we do for them. Our business sustainability allows us to provide this service.

Our Awards

We were in the first wave of individually Chartered Financial Planners and our firm is multi award winning. Highlights include being UK “Chartered Financial Planners of the Year” in 2011 and 2018, and Gemma being awarded the “Chartered Financial Planner of the Year” title from The Personal Finance Society in 2019/20.

We are also proud to have been listed on the Citywire’s “Top 100” firms every year since inception in 2012. Only a handful of firms have achieved this.

Our History

Eldon was founded in 2002 by three like-minded Directors; Owen Temple, Tony Conner, and Joss Harwood. They aspired to build the North East’s premier personal Financial Planning practice.

Owen retired in 2010, Joss in 2016, and Tony in 2023. Before Tony’s retirement, Eldon transitioned into full employee-ownership (March 2022) allowing the company to continue without change to the culture or purpose of the firm. This has allowed us to continue providing a highly personalised and individually tailored service with a focus on bringing meaning to our clients’ finances, ensuring they are making the best use of their resources towards their goals.

We provide independent advice on packaged retail investment and insurance products (these include but are not limited to pensions, ISAs, investments bonds, units, annuities, and savings plans), securities and structured investment products.