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"We have been with Eldon since the last century and their care and expertise allayed any worries that we might have had about taking early retirement. Our trust has not been misplaced and their efficiency and humanity is much respected and appreciated."


Do I have enough?

When can I retire?

Can I gift some money?


What are my pensions for?

Is my money in the best place for me?

Can I afford care in the future?


You will have your own question about your finances that prompted you to seek advice. Your own preferences and circumstances mean that the answer needs to be specifically tailored to you.

We would work with you to build a financial plan that focuses on what you want to do, when you want to do it, what it will cost and when you can likely afford it. This process involves reviewing all aspects of your finances to ensure they are in tip top shape. If they are not, we help you get them into line to meet your plans. We know this process helps our clients to be more relaxed, in control, confident and it brings them peace of mind.

Here's what Christine, a client of ours, has to say about the power of good financial planning:


Because we change people's lives

At Eldon we pride ourselves on the close working relationships that we build with our clients – some go back over 25 years. The continuity and stability that we provide is reassuring for our clients looking to the future.

When you are going to share detailed information about your life and your family, trusting the people you work with is very important. As a small firm, we will always know your name, and you will know us. Our clients are our number one priority and we are committed to providing a first class service from highly qualified individuals working as a team.

We have invested in technology and have robust integrated systems but we retain the human touch so that we can deliver an efficient, highly personalised service.

We are ethical, open and honest, and we know that our clients value our integrity and feel that they can trust us. In our latest survey (May 2017) we had 181 replies from 305 questionnaires sent, with 99.45% average ‘highly satisfied’ across 17 categories – including 100% for being honest, for being friendly and for demonstrating expertise.

We know what we are doing, and we change lives.


What we can offer you
This is the foundation of our service to clients, setting out your financial life and goals in a highly visual way. We will discuss your plans for the future with you and consider how you can get to where you want to be.
When can I retire? Can I afford to retire? How much will I have in retirement? These are the key questions that we can answer!
Successful investment means striking a balance between living for today and providing for tomorrow.
Well, this aspect needs no explanation; we all want to ensure that our affairs are arranged in the most tax efficient way!


Slide “I just wanted to say a heart felt thank you for all the time and attention Tony and Suzanne gave us today. We are also aware that a wider range of your team have been involved with sorting us out and we are so grateful to them as well. Most of all thank you to Tony and Joss for your kindness and understanding. We shall actually look forward to your bill, as peace of mind is priceless! I should have sent this before the sun went down but we’ve been in something of a pleasant daze today” Slide “I have been a customer of Eldon Financial Planning since 2005. I am very pleased with the work they have done for me. They are a small friendly team and extremely knowledgeable and reliable. I would recommend them to anyone. I consider the 500 mile round trip to see them very worthwhile” Slide “Having had the benefit of advice and support from Gemma for several years I cannot recommend her too strongly. She is the consummate professional in everything she does. Her attention to detail and ability to respond to all requests in a timely manner is exceptional. She is delightful in all her dealings and she fully deserves all the accolades and awards that she has received.” Slide “Eldon has acted as advisers for my wife and myself for several years. Their knowledge of financial and investment matters is encyclopaedic and their advice is given very clearly to those of us who are not well informed about financial matters. They are very approachable and friendly. They are willing to travel to see us (wife is disabled). I would recommend Eldon to others who are looking for investment advice.” Slide “For financial security, investments and pension provision you need a company that you can trust and has the professional knowledge in an array of investment, to find products that match your personal profile. Eldon Financial Planners effectively satisfied all that criteria for me, maximising my investments and pension requirements for the best possible returns.” Slide “We have been with Eldon since the last century and their care and expertise allayed any worries that we might have had about taking early retirement. Our trust has not been misplaced and their efficiency and humanity is much respected and appreciated.” Slide “Gemma is thoroughly professional, knowledgeable and is able to communicate the most complicated issues clearly and sympathetically. I would recommend Gemma and Eldon to anyone seeking financial advice.” Slide “I can now report that, following nearly 6 years of retirement, Eldon’s management, including the specific tweaking and streamlining of our investments, has given us complete confidence for the future on the financial front. The personal touch is what makes Eldon so special and we have no hesitation in recommending them.” Slide “Until I found Eldon, my experience of financial advisers had been at best mediocre and at worst verging on negligence. Eldon however has been nothing but supremely professional offering a service that is personable and appropriate to my circumstances, ambitions and values. I’m indebted to Gemma’s help in setting me on the right path of a solid financial footing for my future which is clearly evidenced in the growth and status of my portfolio compared to when I started”


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