Investment Planning

Investing: risk and reward

Investing means holding capital with a view to seeking returns such that your money still has its original ‘real’ value when you access it. We achieve this by using various assets such as shares, fixed income securities and property funds.

Time does much of the work so this needs to be money that you can afford to ‘tie up’ for at least 5 years and, ideally, longer. Investing should always be to meet your own longer term goals. Money for short term events such as holidays, changing your car and improving your home, plus some emergency cash, should always be held in savings accounts so that investments don’t need to be accessed at short notice. This is because, although we expect to achieve returns above inflation and cash returns over the longer term, in individual years the value of investments can – and do – fall. Risk and reward go together and it’s important for the balance to be right for you.

We don’t want you to have to withdraw your capital when markets are unfavourable.

Before assessing the suitability of investment for you we need to establish:-

    • your current financial and life situation, health and family circumstances
    • your future plans
    • your timescales
    • your tolerance for, capacity for, and need to take, investment risk
    • how much accessible cash you should retain

Investment Risk

Asset Allocation

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