Our Service – What does it cost?

Initial Meeting

We offer all potential new clients an initial meeting, at no cost and without any obligation.

This will typically take place at our offices in Newton Aycliffe where we have all our resources to hand. We have free parking and plenty of coffee. We will have an informal chat about your current circumstances and what you are looking to achieve from your planning process. By the end of the meeting we should have a broad picture of your financial position and know whether or not it is appropriate to proceed.

Following this first meeting, if we believe we can add sufficient value to your finances, we will write to you with a personalised agreement to confirm the detailed service that we propose, and how you will benefit, with the exact cost of this service. The agreed fee may be paid by invoice or deducted, with your consent, from any investment or pension product if one is implemented for you.

It will then be up to you to decide whether to proceed, by returning the agreement.

Financial Planning Review

We charge a fixed fee for our full Financial Planning Review.

The typical fee is £3,000 plus VAT (if applicable) but this could vary depending upon the complexity of your situation. We charge this due to the level of detail we go into to ensure we build a full and detailed picture of your finances before giving any advice, to ensure that advice is appropriate and bespoke for you.

As part of this process, we gather details on income, your savings, investments, pensions (including State Pension), protection policies and your position with regard to income tax, capital gains tax, pension taxes, and inheritance tax. A deep and thorough understanding of your finances means that we have the best platform for advising you on your options.

At the end of the Financial Planning Review process you will fully understand your current situation. You will have had an opportunity to look into the future to see how it looks compared to your own hopes and expectations. We will make recommendations for change and point you in the right direction. You will certainly be better informed and will understand the steps you can now take to shape your own future.

We are very pleased to confirm that this is an extremely competitive cost for such a comprehensive service, when compared to the more usual cost of investing where there is no detailed planning service. For example, many providers charge a 3% initial fee just for investment without the wider planning service. On a portfolio of £250,000 a 3% initial fee would calculate at £7,500.

We do undertake project work from time to time, and this will either be by way of a fixed fee or by an hourly rate with an agreed ‘cap’.

Lifetime Financial Planning Service

This is the core of our service; checking that you remain on track by constant reappraisal and forward planning.

You will receive all the support you require, and, to use a car analogy, we will fully service, wash and polish your affairs at least once a year. We will keep an eye on the financial world to ensure that you continue to make best use of your resources on an ongoing basis.

For our lifetime financial planning service we charge a minimum of £2,500 pa plus VAT to work with you as you progress towards your objectives in life. For those with over £250,000 invested via ourselves we charge 1% plus VAT on the whole portfolio, excluding cash deposits.

Example: if the value of your investible assets is £300,000 we would charge you £3,000 pa plus VAT.

Our typical total portfolio charges are very competitive in the market at 0.66% per year

Every year your fees for the period are clearly set out in writing, in pounds and pence!

Our fees are payable by periodic invoice, standing order or if it is acceptable to you, by adviser charging against the funds in the investment and pension portfolios that we look after for you.