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Skill or Luck?

You would have been hard pressed to miss the news that the Woodford Equity Income Fund is now suspended for dealing. It has been covered extensively in the media, with a sideshow focusing on…

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Inheritance Tax on Death

Inheritance Tax (IHT) can often be a major worry for people when it comes to their financial planning, with people often not wanting to pass further wealth on to HMRC, having worked hard to…

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We are truly delighted to have been awarded the ‘Gold Standard’ for good practice when giving pension transfer advice on safeguarded benefits (such as defined benefits pension transfers).

The title has been introduced across the…

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Suzanne: My New Role

Starting a new role is quite similar to starting a new school; jitters, nerves, anticipation, excitement and the biggest questions of all; “what will my colleagues be like?”, “will I fit in?” and “will…

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Do you know your State Pension?

The State Pension can form a large part of an individual’s retirement income. For 2019/20, a full new State Pension will pay £168.60 per week (£8,767 pa) and under current rules, this will increase…

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Pensions Inheritance

Passing wealth down the generations, for most, is an important part of their inheritance planning process. Until pension freedoms came into force on 6th April 2015, it was difficult to include personal pension funds…

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An “expression of wish” form is a vital piece of the pension jigsaw. This enables you to nominate one or more people to benefit from your private and/or occupational pension schemes, should you die…

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It’s GOOD to Talk!

Last year, the focus of Financial Capability Week was on talking about money. It isn’t hard to see why; talking about money and finances in general is perhaps one of the last classic British…

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The former Chancellor George Osborne was a big fan of ISAs, showing an enthusiasm to create a new one whenever he possibly could.

He was such a fan that during his tenure between 2010…

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An Early Spring Clean

Well the snow here is starting to melt, the Easter eggs are in the shops and so minds start to turn to getting ready for the year ahead with the traditional ‘spring clean’.


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