April 30, 2018 News No Comments

Here we are. Spring has sprung, the birds are singing, and it’s a new tax year. Exciting huh?

Okay maybe not ‘exciting’ as such but certainly it affords us all new opportunities. There are new allowances, the opportunity for further funding of pensions, the possibility of completing that self-assessment return well before the deadline…

All of these are of course worthwhile doing, if only to avoid the last minute angst of the tax return just after the last of the Christmas turkey has disappeared.

In addition we often think of this as the time of year to have a good ‘spring clean’ and we think that should extend to personal finances too.

This can be from the small things such as going through the list of direct debits and cancelling those that are no longer relevant or of use, to making sure that that savings account you set up a couple of years ago is still paying you a decent rate of interest.

More importantly though it’s a good time to have a thorough look at your wider financial situation, and really make sure that your money is working hard toward what you want it to achieve for you and your family.

And if things aren’t on track and there’s action to be taken, well let’s do something about it.

So – the sun is finally shining, the weather’s starting to look a little less gloomy and we finally have the energy to get started. So let’s get started. After all in finance it’s time that does the hard work so let’s not put off until tomorrow what we can do today.

Written by Eldon