September 19, 2019 News No Comments

Two weeks is a relatively short amount of time. Though two weeks in a new job can feel like such a significant change in your life, a long beginning to the remainder of a journey. This process, however, has been made so comfortable by my colleagues here that I wonder why I was as nervous as I was the night before my first day. It turns out that I needn’t have worried as I have received; a warm welcome, help at hand, and steady transition into my new role.

Although my time here is in its infancy, it is easy to see how my colleagues at Eldon take pride in guiding those that are relatively new to financial planning, and those already well acquainted with it. This ethos is replicated in the workplace, through the help and encouragement offered to colleagues to develop and meet their goals. As a part of this now, I am a mixture of anticipation and excitement, ready to assist those around me, further the success of Eldon, and find fulfilment in my ongoing growth in this profession.

Written by Eldon